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Who is your ideal Nollywood celebrity boyfriend?

So Falz The Bahd Guy released a new music video ‘Celebrity Girlfriend’ where he portrayed who his ideal celebrity bae would be. Now ladies, if you were to pick from a pool of Nollywood men, assuming they are all single, who would be your ideal celebrity boyfriend? Criteria: looks, charisma, acting skills.

Nollywood boyfriend

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  • Noni

    November 05, 11 2015 08:08:26

    I still prefer RMD. Apart from his handsomeness, he has a very good accent, acts betta dan all dis rough boyz

  • blessing

    November 05, 11 2015 11:28:59

    RMD cause of his accent and act very real….

  • sylvia Asare

    November 05, 11 2015 02:28:39

    I love the number 1 he is my ideal man

  • Dennis Ohemeng Frimpong

    November 10, 11 2015 11:18:17

    RMD and Ramsey Noah Jnr

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