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Who Is Your Favourite Nollywood Mother-in-Law?

If you grew up watching Nollywood movies, then you would have seen these ladies play the role of a mother-in-law one time or the other. This brings us to the question: Who is your favourite Nollywood Mother-in-law?

Check out the list below:

Ebele Okaro:


Soft spoken Ebele Okaro is an actress you just have to love and adore. She takes on every role given to her with great passion.

Patience Ozokwor:


We all know Patience Ozokwor is one actress popularly known for her roles as the wicked mother-in-law. But we must say, she plays it so well!

Ngozi Ezeonu:

ngozi ezeou

Ngozi Ezeonu manages to get at your heart, without over-acting. She does tragedy with depth, and royalty with grace. She is definitely one mother-in-law you would love to have.

Liz Benson:


Poise is just the word used to describe this lady. She plays all her roles with great elegance.

Camila Mberekpe:


Popularly known for playing the role of a witch, Camila is one actress we could bestow the title of Patience Ozokwor’s long lost half sister. This is because they play the role of wicked step-mother so well.

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