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The West is finally cottoning on to the power of Nollywood….

You’re unlikely to meet an African, let alone a Nigerian, who hasn’t heard of Nollywood. Step outside the African Diaspora and you may come across some blank faces when you mention the word “Nollywood”. Even if you go on to say “Nigerian Hollywood”, you could still have blank faces staring back at you….
….. but maybe not for much longer. Nollywood as a creative industry and global player in world cinema is an increasingly popular subject matter for writers, commentators and journalists around the world. An article on Yahoo today took an interested and critical look at the industry, referencing some of the industry’s successes (such as 2007’s “Sitanda”), as well as some of the challenges facing the industry such as investment and corruption. But with the negatives also came the positives – that Nollywood is an exciting and vibrant film industry loved by many. 
iROKOtv was particularly taken with this summary:

“Today, the Nigerian movie industry is getting notice and recognition throughout the world. While its techniques and equipment are far behind those of India, there is a good chance that Nollywood will be able to advance and please fans far outside its borders just as India’s Bollywood now does.”

You can read the rest of the article on Nollywood here
Is Nollywood the next Bollywood, as the title asks? YES! But then we would say that at iROKOtv wouldn’t we…..?

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