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Watch Rita Dominic and Joseph Benjamin in MegaHit Movie, IYORE, Now on iROKOtv!

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Nollywood sweetheart, Rita Dominic stars alongside cosmetically aged Joseph Benjamin in Iyore, and the chemistry between them is amazing! Iyore is a really good watch and asides the 25% subscription discount iROKOtv is giving, here is why you should see this movie:


Costume is on point:

The costumes are striking, with a full display of customs and traditions of the Bini people. If you have never been to Benin or have no clue what their attire looks like, just watch Iyore.

Iyore - Paul Obazele


Picture quality:

The picture is crisp, complete with really beautiful sceneries.

Iyore 1

Iyore scene

Notable performances:

Rita Dominic brings a lot of glamour to this movie. The other star actors performed incredibly well too – Joseph Benjamin, Paul Obazele, Okawa Shaznay, Bukky Wright and Yemi Blaq.

Iyore - Rita Dominic & Yemi Blaq

The Plot:

It is a mythical tale set around the ancient Benin Kingdom and tells a story of life after life. It explores a tragic love story centred on the rich culture of pre-colonial Benin through to the present day Benin whilst exploring the supernatural ideas of reincarnation.


Interested in watching IYORE? Go watch it HERE


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