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Van Vicker – “I Am Alive. All The Accident And My Death Are Rumors, Holy Ghost FIRE!!”

Van Vicker is ALIVE!!

Shock was an understatement when we heard of the alleged death of popular Ghanaian actor, Van Vicker. Rumours had it that he was involved in a ghastly accident while on his way to church. His concerned fans have been asking whether the rumours were true or not; Van Vicker is alive and well guys…there’s need to worry.
Van Vicker’s publicist squashed the rumours that started from a FAKE Nadia Buari‘s Facebook fan page. Van Vicker even posted a picture of himself with his publicist, with captions saying “My publicist and ETV producer; confirming I am ALIVE. All the accident n my death are rumors, Holy Ghost FIRE!!”.
Photo credits to his instagram.
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  • Tukei George

    September 06, 09 2015 11:57:47

    I Have Been Struggling To Find Truth Since Yestarday Oooh God Van May God Keep U For More 100yrs Ed Caurse Those Who Predict U To Die Ok

  • winifred

    September 20, 09 2015 12:40:00

    May God punish those who wish u untimely death.. . . . ..

  • Felister

    September 24, 09 2015 01:54:29

    Long life van

  • which means the information I saw at Facebook I feck because I was shocked about that. so God bless you he will protect forever and ever Amen

    September 27, 09 2015 01:09:00

    I head that bad information at Facebook and I shocked so much !! But I you alive were thank God because Devil is a lie Amen


    October 07, 10 2015 11:17:39


  • mercy

    October 22, 10 2015 05:08:10

    Van thank God 4 ur life. All ur enemies dat are planning evil 4 u, they will be the one to die ur death . In Jesus name amen.

  • Awudu Mahadi

    November 05, 11 2015 01:42:49

    holy ghost to those who announced u aa dead

  • Banda Emmanuel

    November 21, 11 2015 12:25:48

    Thank god he’s still alive? ?? I have been worried since he’s a very good actor. May God guide you Van Vicker.

  • Precious Essiet

    November 25, 11 2015 07:25:31

    Van….wad gladden ma hrt z dat u’r alive…….plz b watchful,avoid fwendz too….i pray 4u diz day dat wad knockz @ pple’s door will nva see yhu IJN….AMEN!

  • Kelly

    January 11, 01 2016 07:13:03

    I wasn’t worried because I went deeper into knowing the truth.

  • Pete agalloh

    February 03, 02 2016 07:28:53

    Thenk kenyans lyk me can now smil when had ur alive

  • bakia obase sylvanus

    February 15, 02 2016 06:23:35

    Heavenly Father we thank u we worship u for the life of our beloved movie star Van Vicker nd for putting his enemies to shame..we love u Van,,

  • Beatrice jean

    February 20, 02 2016 01:14:42

    I love you cause you are a good actor God bless you with your family.

  • Beatrice jean

    February 20, 02 2016 01:17:44

    Van Vickers God bless you and Jesus name

  • Beatrice jean

    February 20, 02 2016 01:27:41

    I am a haitian person i really love your movies and God is going to protect you van Vickers.

  • yusuff qudus

    February 26, 02 2016 09:07:47

    Long life van

  • Queen bankz

    February 26, 02 2016 08:10:29

    u shall never die but live by d special grace of d lord Jesus Christ cos I love u and ur movies so my dear broad death is not your portion cos u just 10 years old child and u just started ur life.move on God is ur guidance

  • Hodonou Elizebeth

    February 28, 02 2016 09:55:31

    van Vickers you will never die young in Almighty Allah

    • Abubakar Siganga

      September 12, 09 2016 11:45:15

      so you really spoken like Himself during the era of the old testament

  • Wanie jrk roi lll

    April 01, 04 2016 02:17:09

    More years my brother, God is with u

  • Happiness monday

    April 02, 04 2016 09:35:30

    My dear van nver u mind dem dia jst jealous of u.God wil guide nd protect, u wil nver die young amen

  • éugene N

    April 04, 04 2016 06:12:01

    papa Van we your fans are strongly behind you,the sky is your limite.God bless u
    A.K.A BJVV

  • Sharon osato blankson

    April 17, 04 2016 09:41:27

    Oh my God thank God its just a rumor at last so happy for u van, praise God!

  • Khumbulani Bayanai

    May 14, 05 2016 08:47:21

    Pleasure Van Vicker!!! May God bless you. Nothing happen to you in the name of God.

  • Deborah Lobar

    May 26, 05 2016 07:05:04

    I love African movies because that is where i belong……You are my best African actor Van Vicker, may you live long

  • Irene Aluoch mategwa

    May 30, 05 2016 08:52:49

    Van ,am a Kenyan lady really proud of u ,if it’s true that u r alive well n sound ,let’s thank our almighty king glory.

  • Irene Aluoch mategwa

    June 02, 06 2016 08:55:53

    Be yourself no matter what pple will say ,steak by ur word

  • James Dorbor Sao,Sr.

    June 02, 06 2016 08:40:00

    Blessed God for you brother

  • Dennis odwori

    June 26, 06 2016 01:11:00

    God bless you brother van vicker .

  • Carl Stephen

    July 02, 07 2016 07:45:44


  • Trevor

    September 05, 09 2016 05:55:58

    the Holy Ghost will actually fire them my brother

    we love you from Cameroon

  • Prince Chinedu

    September 10, 09 2016 07:18:05

    My broda u we live long and long !!!!!!!!!!  Long life in Jesus

  • Abubakar Siganga

    September 12, 09 2016 08:34:46

    It si wise for the people to first come out with a full evidenced information about something before they tend to go around  all mass media attracting people's attention on something which never happened, infact we shoul have a penalty for this!


  • Abubakar Siganga

    September 12, 09 2016 11:40:08

    Vanvicker you don't look like a person who dies early than the earliest, so therefore, you should entertain evil minds to drive your personal life if not The Almight Jar


  • Abubakar Siganga

    September 12, 09 2016 11:42:14

    those mistakes were made due to the sleep of the keyboard


  • jackline

    October 18, 10 2016 06:42:45

    thnks 2 God dat ur still alive may de almighty God punish those who wish ubad

  • Roger Ademola

    November 13, 11 2016 08:14:28


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