Husbands of Lagos Season 3 now available on iROKOtv!

In Lagos; a melting pot of business, politics, power and love, the city that never sleeps, a playground for both rich and poor, a place where dreams become real and ...

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STRANGER IN MY BED now available on iROKOtv!

A high flying lawyer with her own law firm is approached by a respected chief to find evidence of his younger wife cheating and although she initially appears innocent shocking ...

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8 reasons why you should definitely see the movie ‘STELLAR’!!!

If you haven’t seen the movie ‘STELLAR‘, then you are late to the party! 🙂 This movie is awesomely gooooood! And this isn’t exaggeration. However, since the party isn’t over ...

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Watch Mike Ezeruonye and Oge Okoye in FORBIDDEN CHOICE!

FORBIDDEN CHOICE (2014) Plot: A poor and handsome chap strikes a deal with the devil when he is unable to pay his sister’s hospital bills. He prostitutes himself to raise ...

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Watch New Movie WICKED LOVE starring Mike Ezeruonye on

Wicked Love (2014) Plot A handsome and accomplished man, blinded by his ego and taste for the finer things in life, gets entrapped in an affair with an alluring damsel, ...

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Monday Freebie: Mama G, Mary Remmy Njoku & Muna Obiekwu Star In SCARLET WOMAN – Now FREE On iROKOtv

Scarlet Woman (2012) Plot A disgraced village girl finds herself in the midst of a deadly heritage war going on in the palace after she starts a secret affair with ...

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