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Trending Ghanaian Movie, Separate Lives, Topping Charts on iROKOtv!

The trending movie this week is a Ghanaian movie titled Separate Lives. On its first day on iROKOtv, several subscribers flocked to their screens to see this movie. Could it be because of the steamy scenes, the hot movie cast or the peculiar storyline?

Separate Lives 1

Separate Lives is a story about a newly married couple who move into their dream home on an exclusive estate. They begin to regret this move after meeting some of their neighbors, particularly one married couple who force them to face their past. Yvonne Nelson stars in ‘Separate Lives’ with some other actors like Roselyn Ngissah, Toosweet Annan and Joseph Tolbert.

This movie is sure gaining a lot of attention at the moment. One might say it’s all about the sex scenes. We do know many people love them whether they’re realistic or totally over-the-top, especially the ridiculously romantic ones with tension-filled backstories.

However, in this movie, there aren’t too many sex scenes. And it’s an easy watch 🙂 Click here to see the full length movie on iROKOtv: Separate Lives

See movie trailer below:

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