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Mercy Johnson to critics: ”Save some of the hate speeches because the 4th will soon come”

In a recent interview with Goldmyne TV, Nollywood movie star, Mercy Johnson responded to the criticism of her pregnancy. See excerpts below:

“I am expecting my third child and I’m a married person so I don’t think people should ask me why. I understand the ethics of spacing kids but I’m a married person and an adult, I can decide the way I want to live my life. So yes, I’m having my third baby really soon. Thank you so much for the good wishes, thank you so much for the hate speeches. Save some of the hate speeches because the fourth will soon come to round it up then you can show your anger but for now it’s good news let’s celebrate.”

MJ and kids

On how pregnancy affects her career she said:

Actually it will affect your career. That’s the truth. It’s about sacrifice – scale of preference. Which is more important; that’s the one you do. As free as I was six years ago, five years ago, that’s not the way it is now. I now have responsibilities. I have kids to think of, I have my husband to think of so even when the jobs keep coming I can’t go all out to do them because I have other priorities.

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  • Sonia

    September 16, 09 2015 01:02:01

    You go girl don’t take crappie from nobody.

    • Sarah Jackson

      September 16, 09 2015 09:51:09

      I commend you Mercy for doing what makes YOU happy. If you were to have gotten pregnant AND decided you didn’t WANT those babies, there would STILL be talk so I say let them talk. You OR your husband aren’t asking anyone for financial help so let them folks talk. In the meantime, keep making those bomb movies.

  • Devon Ross

    September 16, 09 2015 01:50:44

    Very well spoken my friend….make them early and get it over with…don’t matter what you do in life People will always talk so do your thing…it’s your life and you have to live it not them…I’m happy for you and your husband…luv the kids…keep up the g work…God bless. ..your fan..

  • Miriam

    September 16, 09 2015 01:51:37

    Wow… Yes!!! That is simply the truth, that’s the spirit! I love the way Mercy Johnson replied. Of course she’s a married women and must live her life the way it pleases her, I mean who are people to tell her what to do or not??? She doesn’t live her life to please people, well at least she’s giving them something to talk about because it seems like they have no life to live. It is God who gives kids, so Mercy don’t fear the world even if you’ll have 10 kids or more…. You are still the BEST! Keep on giving them something to maintain their boredom. Love ya Mama Purity!

  • Mercy Gold

    September 16, 09 2015 02:30:15

    I love you mercy dear for dat, dey can’t decide for u dear. Am happy for u n hop u give me beautiful twin of girls n d 4th baby of triplets boys so my unborn girls will marry dem ok… #lol#wink

  • linda

    September 16, 09 2015 03:25:50

    i love the way she has anwser those mongars, mind you buisness, is it her fault that God keeps making it possible for her to have children? some people look for children with touch and cannot see. So alow her. She said it clearly that the forth one is on the way soon, wait untill she have six (06) children then you can express your anger NONSENSE to those who are talking you can talk from now till next year, but the fact reminds that she is expecting the third child and immediately after that the forth is caming.

  • marie

    September 16, 09 2015 04:04:53

    Mercy j is an Adult We Just want her life to remain Happy we don’t need any sadness for her down the road we are Happy for her stay Bless Mercy J with your Family.

  • helen

    September 16, 09 2015 04:20:15

    correct is right luv that response

  • sarah

    September 16, 09 2015 05:33:16

    Mercy make them go kill themselves ooo, who nor fit see u with ur belle make e shook nail for his or her eyes. People just can’t mind their business. Stay focus and may ALMIGHTY GOD will surely bless u and ur household

  • sonia

    September 16, 09 2015 05:34:06

    Well spoken girl!

  • Temitope

    September 16, 09 2015 06:11:52

    MJ, let’s dem say. Some really in need of those gifts badly.

  • Isaac Godwin

    September 16, 09 2015 06:17:48

    well the fact still remains that u are rushing. …. no hate just fact.

  • mrs NitaOdia4Jesus

    September 16, 09 2015 06:42:49

    You spoke well Mrs OdiaMercyJ.may God almighty keep ur home.

  • shacyblac

    September 16, 09 2015 09:37:56

    MESSAGE Yes oooooo, tell them MJ. U are on point jooooO

  • Shawn

    September 17, 09 2015 03:35:16

    I love her response. Mercy is living for Mercy! Something we all should learn to do….and let no one make you feel as if you don’t know what’s best for you!

  • dormowa smith

    September 17, 09 2015 05:47:55

    I love you mercy. May GOD Almighty continue to bless you AMEN..am happy for you dear…God’s blessings

  • Eselu Chidinma

    September 17, 09 2015 06:41:07

    If you didn’t conceive people will still talk.what a world. like the way you just silenced them.

  • Amy

    September 17, 09 2015 08:22:05

    I love u MJ cos u know the different betw roles in movies and reality carry on n enjoy ur marriage.

  • Nkechika Obialor

    September 17, 09 2015 09:43:01

    My Darling, I love Ur courage… No matter wat U do in life, pple must talk, its all left to U 2 known wat U want…. My second baby was a few months and I took in for my third, pple talked but I just asked myself ‘can I do it’ and I did it. Now, dey r both 5 and 4 yrs old…. Don’t Eva think of wat pple will say, as long as Ur world is concerned, its all abt U, Ur man and Ur kids…. Enjoy made, love watching Ur movies..

  • Chiamaka Cynthia agoha

    September 17, 09 2015 10:23:33

    Follow yr mind

  • Gina

    September 17, 09 2015 04:14:32

    Tell them Mercy, Ride on! we your fans love and trust you.
    Let the haters keep hating and the Lovers keep loving. We belong to the lovers, we love you!!!!.

  • Nkiru Anyim

    November 17, 11 2015 06:13:30

    MESSAGE She knows what she wants and nobody can stop her Whether hushing or no hushing God is with her 2 give her according 2 her heart desire.It’s well with her.You are blessed.Be Lifted Mercy Johnson

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