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Let’s settle this: Who is the finest Ghanaian actor?

So, this argument started between friends about who is the most handsome among these Ghanaian actors:  John Dumelo, Van Vicker, Chris Attoh, Majid Michel and Mawuli Gavor.

We couldn’t reach a conclusion, so we brought it up here…please, without bias, who is the finest?

1. John Dumelo: Did you see him in A Northern Affair? John Dumelo is bae!

John Dumelo


2. Van Vicker: This guy was dope when he acted alongside Mercy Johnson in My Soul Mate



3. Chris Attoh: This guy is fresh sha…did you see him in Flower Girl?



4. Majid Michel: Majid. Majid. Majid. The ultimate lover boy! He brought his A-game for the movie Knocking on Heaven’s Door!



5. Mawuli Gavor: This fast rising actor has been warming his way into our hearts. He stars in the movie A Place Called Happy



  • Beverley Henry-wiĺliams

    August 06, 08 2015 12:17:14


  • Jenny

    August 06, 08 2015 02:09:01

    ARTUS FRANK IS THE FINEST!! But out of these guys, JD & Majid ties. And don’t forget Prince David Osei. Y’all be leaving people out and sleeping on people. Promote ur very best! But I like these guys too!

  • 999333

    August 06, 08 2015 02:10:19

    ARTUS FRANK! He is putting Ghana on the map too now! #blessings

  • Shelly- ann

    August 06, 08 2015 04:24:56

    I agree with you the thing about John is that he has a certain innocence about him that gives additional sex appeal he beats the others hands down but MAjiid and van vicker are darlings too when these guys are in a movie I am watching it

  • Janet Rideaux

    August 06, 08 2015 07:50:09

    van vicker is the one that i like the most

  • Nathalie

    August 06, 08 2015 08:25:59

    John Dumelo

  • Edna Nettey

    December 02, 12 2015 07:02:31

    1. Majid michel is the number finest Ghanaian actor before the rest
    2. Chris attoh
    3. John dumelo
    4. Van vicker
    5. Mawuli gavor

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