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Jenifa’s Diary Season 4 This Weekend on irokotv!

The scintillating comedy series of Funke Akindele’s Jenifa’s Diary is back on irokotv with season 4!

The popular comedienne Jenifa is an hilarious character, well known for her recurrent act of muddling up vernacular and English language with a very funny diction.

Jenifa’s Diary is an adventure comedy story of a secondary school drop out turned hairdresser in Lagos with intense ambition to make it big. If you have been following the series from season 1, you should be anticipating an uncontrollable back to back laughter episodes of Jenifa’s Diary season 4, but first lets have a short recap on the highlights of Jenifa’s Diary Season 3.

She got released from the police detention, battled out her daily differences with Pelumi at the salon to repelling the love advances from Sege. If Jenifa actually keeps a diary of her ordeals, I’ll give anything up to see pages from that diary (her spellings especially LOL).

Watch Jenifa’s Diary Season 4 on irokotv now!


  • Soremi Olasunbo

    June 06, 06 2016 07:17:21

    Whao dis is hilarious lovely and nice film. Funke keep on d gud work okay. D Lord wil continue to b ur muscle. Nice one

  • Tom

    August 29, 08 2016 08:16:07



    December 22, 12 2016 12:15:17

    how do you play keene con i moni jenifa

  • angel abbey

    January 05, 01 2017 11:09:06

    bae u make brain die u wan kill mhe for laff kudos no joy!!!

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