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Is Mercy Johnson The Best Actress Alive?

A-list Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson’s got so much love from fans! And Mercy Johnson is such a drama queen! To see her movies, click HERE.

MJ 3

Check out this comment from a fan on Mercy Johnson’s acting skills in the movie, Native Fowl:

Mercy Johnson FB


Do you agree? Do share your views!!!


  • Frances

    September 01, 09 2015 08:37:24

    Yes MJ is the best actress. I subscribed to iroko TV just to watch her moneys. She’s like everything in the movie industry

  • Henry

    October 10, 10 2015 08:36:01

    You are the best actress. I like your movies especially that one for Dubem. You & Ramsy Noah.Heart of a fighter.

  • kevin

    October 16, 10 2015 08:14:16

    U are the best actress and i like the way u behave when u are in action, l like our movie so much, our movie tuch me my heart so much, God bless u my Queen.

  • atikpui

    October 18, 10 2015 06:55:33

    u are really a beauty queen mercy johnson. i love u i am one of ur biggest fans i love ur movies e.g dumebe and hearth of a fighter my name is divinegift atikpui

  • Gallant

    October 31, 10 2015 01:21:47

    MESSAGE. I really luv all ur movies,ur passion,affectionate,smart,interesting,sweet,balancing asin in body position Babe u too make sence infact na u B d best actress I luv u mercy meanwhile my name is Joy Ur best fan dat always pray for u

  • Edward Ndubisi Jackson

    December 23, 12 2015 10:11:46

    I love you so much, mercy johnson you are the BEST actress of both internal and external and you know how to speak vocabulary. I love You

  • Deborah

    December 27, 12 2015 07:08:40

    wow your riit I love all her movie especially dumebi the dirty girl its my best movie ever love you mercy Johnson

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