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Is It Okay for a Lady to Propose to Her Man?

So, in the movie Separate Lives, we see Yvonne Nelson bring out a ring to propose to her boyfriend while on a picnic date. Apparently, she had been waiting for the guy to propose for a long time, and he was just too slow in popping the big question!

Separate Lives 1

What do you think? Cool or uncool?

Click here to see the movie: Separate Lives


  • NaijaBae

    June 22, 06 2015 03:59:50

    Soooo not cool! Real men propose to their women. Not the other way round!

  • Nii

    June 23, 06 2015 11:11:28

    It doesn’t matter. Ruth (in the bible) made a move first.

  • TA

    June 23, 06 2015 11:12:45

    @Nii, yeah, right! This is Africa!

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