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DELILAH Season 2 is here with a bang!

Okawa Shaznay is back on your screens in the second season of the blockbuster TV series DELILAH!


The mysterious case of Delilah Ambrose centers around a young lady who lost her husband at age 25. Delilah’s world becomes an open book when Chief Ambrose’s first wife Sylvia, accuses Delilah of homicide.

On the path to hunt Delilah down, stories of past men, stolen wills, mysterious disappearances and death are revealed in the biggest court case in the city. The story becomes complex when Delilah’s hired lawyer (Barrister Jason) becomes fond of Delilah and professes his undying love to her.

This season, Delilah shows us that she would do anything to fight for justice!

Watch DELILAH on irokotv!

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