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Can you date/marry someone who has a heavy yoruba accent?

Imagine you met this awesome person who is charming and very generous, but speaks English with a very heavy accent, would you consider dating, or even marrying him/her?

Jenifa and Falz 3

Jenifa had this same issue with a new found love who speaks with a heavy accent in Jenifa’s Diary Season 2! If you were in her shoes, what would you do?


  • flore

    March 08, 03 2016 08:15:49

    In all honesty no!!! I am not someone who naturally favours heavy accents from anyone! It is not my job to civilise a grown up…..if you are honest with yourself you will admit to your faults….you don’t need me to come into your life to tell you and with so many SDL possibilities you can ameliorate yourself in an institution of your choice!

  • Horlar

    June 06, 06 2016 07:23:21

    I will think about it.

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