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Check out Oge Okoye’s fabulous birthday photos!

Happy birthday Oge Okoye! The light-skinned actress took to Instagram to share her heartfelt wishes for herself on her birthday! And she released these beautiful photos from her mini birthday photo-shoot!

Oge Okoye

”Yeahhhh!Hip!Hip!Hip!Hurray!HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!It’s my bday today and what can I say unto the Lord!All I want to say is THANK YOU LORD.
👑💎I wish myself strength and wisdom for days to come and success with everything that I do today. I wish myself continuous happiness till the older years of my life,to see my children children.I wish myself many more years of joy,love,laughter,good health and prosperity.

Oge Okoye 3
I am as young as my faith, As old as my doubt, I am as young as my self confidence, As old as my fear, I am as young as my hope, As old as my despair”

Oge Okoye 4

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