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Ifeanyi GA looks behind the scenes of Nollywood

Nollywood is the second largest producer of feature films in the
world, and sometimes the quality of production comes under scrutiny, especially
by non-African viewers. But behind each and every film, a producer, with
limited time and budget, puts in blood, sweat and tears to ensure that their
film is a hit.
The earlier Nollywood films were all straight-to-video productions,
but today, more and more Nollywood films, like their foreign counterparts,
receive their world premieres in British, American or Nigerian cinemas before
coming out on DVD. A recent example of this being earlier this month, with Last Flight to Abuja having a premiere
in London. 
Nollywood producers are beginning to pursue very daring scripts, and
have identified the importance of starting to invest more in the latest
production and technical equipment, in a bid to improving the quality of releases
that can compete with movies produced in Hollywood and Bollywood. So far, this
has yielded some fruits, as daring producers such as Kunle Afoloyan, who with his 2009 big budget thriller “The Figurine” was able to kick start a
new era in the Nollywood production arena. According to Jonathan Haynes, a respected Nollywood commentator, 

have been waiting a long time for this kind of filmmaking, which can take its
place in the international arena proudly and on equal terms.”

Many Nollywood
producers complain of piracy and distribution problems as the key issues that
have stalled the growth of Nollywood, they believe that once the distribution
and piracy problems have been solved, then they can concentrate and spend
substantial time and money on the production of quality movies. And this is
where iROKO Partners enters the scene – fighting piracy, paying producers
properly for their creative output and working hard to keep improving the
quality of the Nollywood films that so many people like. No – LOVE! This is
only the beginning; better times are indeed here for Nollywood and movie lovers
in Nigeria and the world.

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