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5 Things You Can Expect To See In A Nollywood Movie

Here are 5 things you can expect to see in a Nollywood movie…

Okon as gateman

  • A gateman who lacks common sense: The gatemen always act stupid, which most times, add some humour to the movie. Okon plays this role well in Visa Lottery



  • Eating jollof rice: Ahhh…this one! The characters must always eat jollof rice, or white rice, or some other rice variant! Either on a date, or a homely wife serving dinner, rice must feature. And dinner must be buffet style!

A scene from The Banker


  • A sound track that tells you a summary of the story: ”You reap what you sow ooo, Nkechi, you must to reap what you sow…” Somehow, you get the drift of the movie from the soundtrack.
  • A big Lekki house with two pillars in front: This particular architectural style is common in Nollywood movies. Especially the ones used for modern royalties. Or very rich men. There’s even this particular house that features in a lot of Nollywood movies…haven’t you seen it? A storey building with two huge pillars in front, painted white…



  • Flashbacks: Which Yoruba movie is complete without flashbacks?

How we love Nollywood! Did we miss out anything? Tell us in your comments!


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