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Adesua Etomi's 8 rules for kissing on screen

Nollywood actress, Adesua Etomi’s got exceptional acting skills and we especially loved her in the hit movie ”Knocking on Heaven’s Door”. Adesua sure knows how to make a romantic scene believable and she recently shared tips on Twitter for kissing on screen.
Adesua and Majid 3
Kissing For Screen- Rule One.
Help Your Co-Actor. Use A Breath Mint, Brush Your Teeth Or Chew Gum.
Kissing For Screen- Rule Two
Offer Your Co-Actor Chewing Gum.
This Is Nt Necessarily Cause Of Bad Breath But Chewing Gum Keeps D Mouth Fresh
Kissing For Screen- Rule Three
Do Not Be Afraid To State This Boldly. ‘Pls Don’t Put Your Tongue In My Mouth’ Lips Only!!!
Kissing For Screen- Rule Three Cont
If The Use Of Lips Alone Is Used Convincingly, The Kiss Will Look More Intense Than It Actually Is.
Kissing For Screen- Rule Four
This May Seem Obvious But For Goodness Sake, Please Close Your Eyes. Unless It’s Open For An Obvious Reason
Kissing For Screen- Rule Five
Your Head Angles Matter. The Audience Needs To See…😑 I Don’t Know That You’re Supposed To be Comfortable.
Kissing For Screen- Rule Six
Don’t Hold The Back Of Your Co-Actor’s Head With Force So Much So That They Can’t Move
It’s Acting, Not Bondage
Kissing For Screen- Rule Seven
As There Are Different Bra Sizes So Are There ‘Different Types Of Kisses’. It Isn’t One Size Fits All.
Kissing For Screen- Rule Seven Cont
Figure Out With Your Director And Co-Actor, What Kind Of Kiss Is Required For A Scene
Kissing For Screen- Rule Eight
If You’re More Excited About Kissing Your Co-Actor Than Getting The Scene Right, You’re Unprofessional 😂

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