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Can you marry a man you are older than?

Hello ladies, come over here! What’s your take on this question: Can you marry a man you are older than? Does age make a difference in love matters?
Susan Peters
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  1. Aigbiremwen Joseph
    6 years ago

    Love do not have anytin to do with age bcus age is merely a number not maturity,love goes with maturity and can’t be measure by the number of years u ve stay on earth by how mature is they mind,so I can marriage that I’m older than

  2. Ofe O
    6 years ago

    Love is indeed very powerful and it should continue with both parties but the issue now is, no way. The truth is that it is possible for a lady to marry a man that she is older than but the percentage is a pathetic 2/100 which is terrible. So in my own opinion it a NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO for me


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