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Top 15 Nollywood Horror Movies in Recent Times

Do you love horror movies that set your adrenaline pumping? Well, here is a list of the top 15 Nollywood horror movies you should watch. These movies have been separated by horror sub-genres i.e. occult dramas and dark thrillers. They have clear cinematography, good cast of actors and are highly rated by our audience!
(Note: Dark Thrillers have the best story lines and best overall production quality.)

  • Apostles of Lucifer
  • Alvina
  • Hunted House (sic)
  • Haunted Souls
    • Itoro
  • Itoro
  • The Yoke
  • Occultic Destroyer
  • Kingdom of Rituals
  • Black Mass
  • Mrs Queen
  • Evil Men Do
  • Trip to Hell (Dark Thriller)


  • Awakening (Dark Thriller)
  • Secret Room (Dark Thriller)
  • Torn (Dark Thriller)

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