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From the Nollywood experts: Secrets to getting a toned, trim body!

Ever wondered how these gorgeous women stay in shape and look as good as they do? It’s not about plastic surgery or waist cinchers. It’s more about eating healthy, staying active and working out.
If you think working out is a little tedious, here are some tips learnt from these Nollywood women that can help you!
Make it a habit.
Work out every day or have a plan and make sure you stick to it. It’s important to form an exercise habit. Kate Henshaw is known for her consistent workout sessions. She even has a workout DVD!
Kate-Henshaw keeping fit 2
Get your outfit ready—and a playlist.
To get you into the training mode, get your training tights, tops, sports bra, trainers etc ready for your next workout. And try getting them in colours that you like so you’re more excited to put it on! And, yeah, an excellent playlist would come in handy so you can listen to whatever inspires you as you go!
Kate Henshaw keeping fit
Eat healthy.
Regardless of your reasons for working out, eating healthy is important. Proper nutrition enhances your overall well-being. Check out Omoni Oboli‘s trim figure! This mother of three works out and eats healthy too!
Omoni workout
Get motivation from friends and family.
If you start feeling like you can’t keep up any longer, join a workout group. You could also workout with a friend, or family member. Ini Edo and Kate look like they’ve just had a great workout session!
Kate and Ini Edo
Even Somkele (remember her in The Department?) gets motivation from her husband!
Somkele workout
Look into the future.
Keep visualizing your goal and be focused. Don’t give up! Soon, you’ll have that well-toned figure you’ve always dreamed of!
Ini Edo gyming

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Posted on September 1, 2015

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  1. Annabella
    6 years ago

    Hi am a mother of one child i have put on a lota of wieght that i cant even imagine how come i go to the gym three days a week pleae i really needs help i want to go back to my normal size which is 12 hope to hear from u soon thanks please inbox me yehhh


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