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Five Reasons Why Benjamin Touitou is Bae!

We love to uncover interesting stuff about our Nollywood actors, and today we are going to give you five good reasons why we think Benjamin Touitou is totally and undeniably bae!
Firstly, he caught our attention in the movie, Desperate Housegirls, where he played the role of the handsome rich kid that fell in love with a house girl. He also intrigued us in the movie Lagos Cougars, where he played the role of (permit us to say)a “Sugar Boy”! We must confess, he plays the part of a lover boy extremely well…
With all that said, we bring to you five more reasons why we are totally crushing on Benjamin Touitou.
1: He can cook. Real food. Not the noodles-and-egg-kind-of-cooking. Now, who doesn’t like a guy that can cook?
2: He loves arts, poetry and drama. Ladies, imagine a guy that would cook, clean and also say sweet poetry to you at the same time!
3: He is a geek: Beauty and brains is definitely a great combination!
4: He is half Igbo and half Hebrew. His Igbo name is Nnayelugo and his Hebrew name is Abba. but I think we would rather stick to the native name…. Lugo baby!
5:  Finally, he is a great actor. Seen him in Code of Silence?
He was also nominated in the ‘Best Kiss in a Movie’ category in the 2014 edition of Best of Nollywood Awards.
Now tell us if you also think Benjamin is bae!

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