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Movie Review: Code of Silence

In Code of Silence, Adamma, a young girl living with her widowed mother and caring brother, finds herself in a precarious situation one night on her way back home from school. She gets abducted and taken to the home of a popular politician where he proceeds to take away her innocence. The movie is about how she and her family cope with this incident afterwards.
Patience & Makida
Code of Silence was a really good story but it was an alright movie. It brings up a lot of valid questions from the scenarios but as a movie it could have dug deeper emotionally. For instance, in the scene after the rape, as a viewer you feel like you should be crying but the scene is not set up to allow you to arrive at that point emotionally.
Makida Moka
The difference between code of silence as an ‘alright movie’ that it was, versus code of silence as a great movie that it could have been would have been delving further into the emotions of Adamma or her mother after the rape. We get a lot of on the surface time and time spent on societal perception – which isn’t bad but doesn’t necessarily allow the viewer to feel with the victim. We see Adamma sad and we see her quiet but you don’t feel her sadness or feel her quiet. The one character whose emotions we were able to see rise was that of the brother, played by Shawn Faqua. By the end, you could see how he had changed from the loving playful brother to an emotionally distraught wreck. On the flip side for Adamma, the main victim, not enough time was spent on that.
The audio in the movie was weak at some points and the story could have taken off higher than it did if it delved more into the emotions. However, Code of Silence is a memorable movie because it does not follow the same formula. It does not attack the victim at any point yet it manages to bring up the societal question marks. Code of Silence is a worthy watch the first time but in order to be worth watching again, a little more is needed.
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