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Nollywood Reinvented Reviews ''The Grave Dust''

The Grave Dust is the story of a married woman, Clara, who is haunted by a ghost she does not know. This ghost appears to only her and constantly troubles her. Eventually this begins to affect her marriage so her husband starts searching for answers.

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I have read a few different synopses of this movie and have found that whichever one you read will determine how you react to the movie, at least in the first half. Going into this movie I had not seen the trailer and did not read a synopsis, all I saw was the big white ghost on the poster, I said a silent prayer and pressed play.

It was clear that it was supposed to be a thriller but finding out the story behind the thriller was a huge portion of the movie. Hence, when you read a synopsis that gives that away then at that point the movie really isn’t much of an experience for you because you have read the spoilers.


Having said that, I do grant that “Gone Girl” was still a great movie even for those who had read the book. Therefore, knowing what is going to happen should not take away from the movie but it did in this movie unfortunately.

The movie, The Grave Dust, had only three things going for it: the suspense, the music and Ramsey Nouah. If all of those three are taken away from the movie then it would be near impossible to make it past the first 10 minutes.

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    You haven’t seen the movie and i am reading a review about it ? anyway Nollywood should really try and improve on their graphics


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