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5 Nollywood Movies That Inspire Travel 

At Travelstart Nigeria, many things give inspiration and excitement to travel. Foods, luxury destinations, travel quotes, photos, and of course movies have a way of eliciting wanderlust – leaving one with a strong desire to visit places they would love to explore.
Travelstarters picked out their favourite Nollywood movies, which have made them want to set out on a voyage across the globe. After seeing these movies, you would want to book a flight the next day and head to the destinations they showcase.
The movies are based on people who dared to experience and explore life in some unusual ways. You’ll find a link below each movie, head to iROKOtv and download it so that you can be inspired. Enjoy!
30 Days in Atlanta
30 Days in Atlanta
Ayo Makun and Ramsey Noah will make you laugh out loud in this wonderful Nollywood comedy. You’ll end up feeling a little nostalgic for the beautiful attractions and places in Atlanta. Ayo Makun meets Atlanta in a grand style in this movie. The movie features – a voyage of self-discovery, brotherly tension, AY’s clowning flair, a bit of ‘Pidgin’ English – spoken and some A list Nollywood and Hollywood actors and actresses. 30 Days in Atlanta was released in 2014 and was shot in Atlanta, United States. The movie shows that when you take a trip to Atlanta for adventure and fun, you get to see and experience much more.
Click HERE to watch 30 Days in Atlanta
The Mirror Boy
The Mirror Boy 
The Mirror Boy made quite a noise when it was first released in 2010. If you love quality movies, then Genevieve Nnaji and Edward Kagutuzi’s performances in Mirror Boy will knock you out. This movie is about a British boy who struggled with life in London and was taken back to the land of his mother’s birth – The Gambia, to experience a magical African living. It paints a vibrant picture of the beautiful country – The Gambia, capturing its sheer vastness and supernatural magnificence. Even if you’ve seen this movie before, you will discover something more when you watch it again.
Click HERE to watch The Mirror Boy
Baby Oku in America
Baby Oku in America
One thing is for sure, this movie will make you throw off the shackles and head to the United States.  It may not be a characteristic movie based on travel, but it is about people who caught in the trap of a repetitious and persuasive life but went on a real adventure to experience in a wide-ranging way. Mercy Johnson did well by giving the movie a fascinating outlook with her exultant piquancy of style. The movie capture the fast pace of life in America, picturesque scenery, stunning attractions and the idea of seeing the ways Nigerians live their lives in America will inspire you to take a trip to the country.
Click HERE to watch Baby Oku in America
This movie will inspire you to explore the richness of cultural diversity in Nigeria. This movie captures the true character of the kingdom of the ancient city in Nigeria – Benin. It is a gripping tale with excellent scenes from Nollywood artists. The movie is a love story with a nostalgic feel and it features a display of Benin culture and history.  The movie stars Joseph Benjamin, YemiBlaq, Rita Dominic and others. Released this year – 2015 and it has gotten great response from audience already. Iyore will inspire you to explore the fascinating Benin.
Click HERE to watch Iyore
Adambano in London
Adambano in London
It is impossible to miss this movie filled with an avid collection of incredible characters and unsurpassed rib-tickling moments by Queen Nwokoye. The movie is attention-grabbing, shamelessly funny and shot in one of the most popular and beautiful cities on the world – London. The movie showcases stunning attractions of London including the suspension bridge – an interesting highlight of the Tower Bridge. It’s a comical movie that will make you want to visit London in the United Kingdom.
Click HERE to watch Adambano in London
If you want to relive your travel experiences or plan a vacation to any of these movie destinations, Travelstart Nigeria can help. They offer cheap flights, hotel reservation, car rentals and tour packages to amazing destinations you want to visit for your next vacation.
Do you know of any Nollywood movies that inspire travel? You can add to our list, and leave us your suggestions in the comment section below!

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