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Fame and Luv Episode 2: Future Over The Past

‘Fame and Luv’ revolves around the lives of four University undergraduates: Shewa, Chi-Chi, Aminu and Lumi. Here is the second episode of Season 2. (If you missed episode 1, click here)


Ify gets into her car, holding her Phone.

2015-07-10 07.00.58

She is chatting with her Sister, Chi-Chi, on BlackBerry Messenger.


Where exactly is his hostel?

2015-07-10 07.08.27


I don’t know how to exlpain it to you o… it’s not like you’ll find it if i do


Talk joor!


Have you told him you’re coming?

2015-07-10 08.05.04 (1)

2015-07-10 07.10.36


No. It’s a surprise visit.


I doubt he’s in the mood for surprises.


Just shut up and describe the way


I don’t know how to describe it; but it’s called Sky Field hostel, so when you get to the school environment just ask some okada guy or something. He stays in room 13.


I thought you said he stays off campus?


Yes, he does o! Do okadas ride around in my campus?

2015-07-10 08.07.27

2015-07-10 07.12.55


What do I care about what happens in your shitty Nigerian school?


Ooo! Miss American University graduate! Jump into the ocean!


I don’t even have your time – so Sky Field, room 13, right? Don’t worry, I’ll find it, no thanks to you – and I’m going to show you pepper. Dad is going to hear that you’ve started drinking and partying with bad boys.

2015-07-10 07.15.20


You wouldn’t dare say such rubbish – because it’s not even true.


It’s up to you to convince him otherwise… but suspicion is enough to make him drag you out of here and send you a catholic university – you can spend your next four years with Nuns. LMAO!


You’re obviously bored and I’m busy – I have a class now. Why don’t you go and find something to do with your life; jobless American graduate! BYE!


Wait! I told Dad I was coming to see you, so if he calls, tell him I’m washing my face or something. *kiss*


Look at you – after threatening me? I’ll tell him you’re in a strip club, dancing.


Behave yourself – sister code.


Mscheeeeeeew! Get off my phone!

2015-07-10 08.14.34

2015-07-10 07.20.18

Ifeoma laughs mischievously and puts down her Phone.

She starts her car and reverses out of the car park.

2015-07-10 07.22.25

She hasn’t seen her cousin, Chike, in over a year. She was shocked to hear he got arrested just after they had spent the best two weeks of her life together.

She couldn’t reach him while he was in Prison, even though she tried countless times. She had just graduated then and was moving back to Nigeria.

She shares a deep bond and deep secrets with her cousin and she felt he could never lie to her, even if he lied to everyone else, but alas, she was wrong. He lied to her too.

She woke up this morning and he was all she could think about. She decided she was ready to see him again; to confront him, finally. He was and still is more than her best friend.

She drives on, on her way to his hostel.

2015-07-10 07.28.11
To read the rest of the episode, click here 


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