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The Amazing TV Series – LEKKI WIVES is now showing on

Lekki Wives Season One (Episodes 1- 6)
Cast: Kiki
Omeili, Adaora Ukoh, Catherine Obiang, Keira Hewatch, Chinonso Young

Episode 1:They
move up the ladder in leaps to keep the meal on the table. They hop on
and off countless beds and enjoy the upside of being trophy wives, they
experience the price of change but have no clue what the end holds.
Episode 2: While
Lovette (Kiki Omelili) finds a way out of her husbands inability to
provide the lifestyle she desires, Cleo(Chinonso Young) finds a way to
convince her boyfriend that her new 70 year old husband is no doing of
Episode 3: Cleo
gets her first Lekki Wife lesson from Miranda and before we know it,
the Otumba household receives a visit from her ‘cousin’. Lovette drops
her husband like a bad habit for a new lifestyle, much to the amazement
of her former schoolmate, Uju (Catherine Obiang).
Episode 4: The
girls meet up for drinks at Lovette’s and things get a little heated
for Uju who gets caught trying to keep up with the Joneses. After a
fruitful sermon, Peace struggles to split her love between Jesus and her
husband while Uju enjoys her new Lekki flat.
Episode 5: Peace
finds it difficult to keep up with her husband’s kinky sexual desires,
while Adaora desperately tries to please her little girlfriend.
Episode 6: While
Miranda struggles to satisfy her little girlfriend, her husband pays
special attention to the woman who cares for him. Cleo decides to
confront chief regarding his reduced generosity, and receives a dirty
little secret in return.
Watch full episodes HERE on

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