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Nokia Presents: Mercy Johnson's Top 5 Character Looks

Give Mercy Johnson a role in a Nollywood movie and she will deliver…Guaranteed. This talented actress can play any role given to her; whether it be a possessed witch, a glamorous vixen or a rapping tomboy. Mercy Johnson never leaves her fans disappointed. and Nokia has joined forces to present to you our top 5 Mercy Johnson looks.
Check them out below:
Mercy Johnson in Daniella 

MJ The Rapper
Mercy Johnson played the role of a rapping tomboy in the Nollywood movie ‘Daniella (The Girls Are Not Smiling)‘. She did very well, making no stops to flaunt her slick rap skills.
Mercy Johnson in Daniella The Saint  

MJ The Lawyer
Mercy Johnson sought justice as a lawyer in the movie ‘Daniella The Saint‘. She did everything as a talented lawyer to send her friends murderers behind bars. You Go MJ!!!
Mercy Johnson in Voice of a Mother 
MJ The Mother
Mercy Johnson played the role of the mother of two teenage children in ‘Voice of a Mother‘. Her role as a mum was very convincing.
Mercy Johnson in Obioma The Slave Girl 

MJ The Village Girl
Mercy Johnson plays the role of a village in ‘Obioma the Slave Girl‘. Her character is left fending for her blind mother after the mysterious death of her brother and father.
Mercy Johnson in Hustlers 

MJ The Prostitute

Mercy Johnson plays a curvaceous and robust young lady who is pimped out to men by her own mother. Hustlers will leave you laughing out loud.

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Posted on January 23, 2014

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