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Clem Ohameze, Michael Godson & Nuella Njubuigbo Star In KING AKUBUEZE – Powered By iROKOtv PLUS

In a kingdom where ancestral path is a bond to the deity of the kingdom, disaster is an understatement when the morality rate of the innocent is on rampage. The great atonement is as never before in this strange kingdom.

King Akubueze (2014)
The well-endowed kingdom of Mutongo is known for its peacefulness and friendliness towards its people and strangers. It was once a safe haven for the helpless. The ever-flowing, never-drying river, runs out of Muongo kingdom and terminates into several ponds and streams. It is a mysterious water-body with rich superstition. 

When the goddess of Mutongo kingdom declares war on her people for disobedience, the prince is left fighting to save the kingdom and his inheritance.

Clem Ohameze, Chinyere Wilfred, Michael Godson, Nuella Njubigbo, Joyce Kalu, Uche Elendu

Nonso Emekaekwue

Watch full movie King Akubueze HERE 

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