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iROKOtv Star Week: Chiwetele Angu

Chiwetalu Agu is a veteran Nollywood actor, comedian and producer born in Enugu, Nigeria. Agu’s acting career dates back to the transition of soap operas to Nollywood movies. Before the inception of Nollywood, television soap opera was the order of the day and Agu featured in NTA Channel 8 Enugu’s Ikoro. He also featured in then ATV Channel 50 (now ESBS) in soaps like Baby Come On and Ripples (in Lagos), produced by Chico Ejiro’s brother, Zeb.

His usage of specific language slang, phrases or cliches in each film has made him uniquely a household name in Nigeria and among Nollywood admirers abroad. Even though Chiwetalu Agu has the versatility to play the roles of comedian, wicked or tricky person, he sometimes finds it difficult to reconcile his lifestyle with the negative roles he plays, admitting that he sometimes shed tears for his characters.

Price Of The Wicked (2003)
A vindictive man vows to harshly deal with his meek nephew because he refuses to grant him an impossible request. Against his character, his nephew is forced to fight back when that which is most dear to him is put at stake. Chiwetalu Agu, Charles Okafor, Patience Ozokwor

Old School (2002)
A drunkard makes life miserable for her husband. Unable to cope with her antics he ships her off to their daughter’s house where she turns up with a boyfriend in tow and causes endless embarrassment. Patience Ozokwor, Pete Ene, Bob Manuel Udokwu.

The Unfaithful Virgins (2011)
A powerful chief priest is forced to send his only daughter on spiritual exile in order to escape the clutches of his evil protégé who is vying hard to get her. Amaechi Muonagor, Chiwetalu Agu, Jenny Honesty.

Goat Lover (2011)
A village girl is determined to excel in the city, however most of her time is spent flirting and getting into mischief with touts at a local slum park. Her irresponsible behavior continues after marriage, despite repeated warnings from her husband and mother. Foluke Daramola, Laide Bakare, Antar Laniyan.

Sex In The Palace (2011)
A king who is ready for marriage causes a huge rift between sisters when after asking to marry the older sister, he sees the younger sister, changes his mind on and starts to pursue her instead. Chiwetalu Agu, Uche Ogbodo, Camilla Mberekpe.

Rings of Fire (2005)
A dishonest man despises his wife’s morally upright stance on all matters and works to turn their children against her. It is not until he is afflicted with a strange illness that the truth behind his behaviour is revealed. Kanayo O. Kanayo, Patience Ozokwor, Eucharia Anunobi.

My Kingdom Come (2006)
A young man of dubious character abandons his studies in America, and returns to his father’s kingdom determined to take his father’s position as king even though his father is still alive. He gets a rude awakening when his father passes on. Pete Eneh, Nkem Owoh, Remy Ohajianya.

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