Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Van Vicker - "I Am Alive. All The Accident And My Death Are Rumors, Holy Ghost FIRE!!"

Van Vicker is ALIVE!!

Shock was an understatement when we heard of the alleged death of popular Ghanaian actor, Van Vicker. Rumours had it that he was involved in a ghastly accident while on his way to church. His concerned fans have been asking whether the rumours were true or not; Van Vicker is alive and well guys...there's need to worry.

Van Vicker's publicist squashed the rumours that started from a FAKE Nadia Buari's Facebook fan page. Van Vicker even posted a picture of himself with his publicist, with captions saying "My publicist and ETV producer; confirming I am ALIVE. All the accident n my death are rumors, Holy Ghost FIRE!!".

Photo credits to his instagram.

Have you watched Van Vicker's latest movie Misplaced on iROKOtv+? If not, you can view it HERE


  1. love u van, and those stupid people need to stop telling lies on my man love your movie wish u and your fam.all the best and blessing ,,,,,,,,,,,,

  2. Aww o live u van vicker im frm Togo so we got a connecton

  3. I just wonder which one is true for us fan who are far from him don't know what to belief.

  4. Commenting from Tobago WI. Love your movies. Glad to know you're still alive and well. God Bless your family.

  5. Thanks be to almighty God.i was shocked when I heard that but in everything I give thanks to God

  6. I love you Van and your movies. I will always support you. God bless your family, I wish i was your wife, we would have more beautiful tubes. Yupppp yuppp