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iROKOtv Star Week: Majid Michel

Born September 22, 1980, Majid Michel won the 2012 African Movie Award Award (AMAA) for Best Actor and attended the same school – Mfantsipim School as Van Vicker and Kofi Annan.

He has won 53 awards in 76 awards in all; 23 in Hollywood and 53 in Africa.
Here are some of his best movies on iROKOtv:
A bloodthirsty military leader establishes a new regime in Kimbala, overthrowing the President and assuming position as of Head of State. A brave journalist heads on a mission to expose injustice there, under the guise of being a Reverend visiting on religious pilgrimage. Majid MichelAmanobia Opoku BoakyiMartha Ankomah (2012)
A man suffers immense ridicule from his foul-tempered father with regards to his state of unemployment. His financial incapability pushes into a deep depression and out of desperation he accepts an offer from an old friend to engage in money ritualism. Nkem OwohMajid MichelNgozi Ezeonu. (2012)
A prince commits a despicable crime and the gods render him insane. The fate of his kingdom rests in the hands of a poor abused girl and only her love and affection can restore his sanity. Jim IykeMercy JohnsonMajid Michel (2009)
A successful business woman falls in love with a dispatch rider but the huge difference in their societal statuses pose a strong threat to their blossoming love. Genevieve NnajiMajid MichelNse Ikpe Etim (2010)
A sick man with a hole in his heart desperately needs a new one. After a public media search, a young widow generously donates her late husband’s heart. Afterwards, overwhelmed with gratitude he goes against hospital policy, in search of the widow. Majid MichelJackie AppiahEbi Bright (2011)
Two unsatisfied wives share their experiences of marriage. One is saddened that her husband is cheating after only a few weeks of marriage while the other feels neglected. As each of them tries to find other sources of happiness, their families silently tear apart. Majid MichelMercy JohnsonRamsey Nouah (2009)
A highly feared and widely respected criminal is offered a deal he cannot refuse from the leader of a notorious crime mob on his release from prison, however trouble beckons when he foolishly pursues the wrong woman. Majid MichelGavivina TamakloeKalsuome Sinare(2007)
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Posted on September 22, 2013

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