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Queen Nwokoye Saves Frank Artus from Bleeding to Death in MESSAGE TO MARY – Only on iROKOtv PLUS

She can swear she just heard a sound from the bushes in front of her. Could it be an animal or just someone trying to scare her? Abandoning the clothes she is washing, she picks up courage and advances forward towards the noise. She is shocked to be bones when she spots an injured man lying helpless on the ground. From what she can see, it is obvious he has lost so much blood. The first thought that crosses her mind is to

Bundle him home!!!

Message To Mary (2013)
Without a second thought, she quickly drops all she is doing and manages to take him home not aware of consequences that this singular action will lead to. She confides in her friend who bombards her with questions even she had no clues as to the answers but at that moment, all she cared for was to treat him and get him back on his feet. Message To Mary is produced from the staples of Divine Touch Productions


A village girl befriends and hosts a man that she finds lying wounded and bloody in a forest, unaware of the danger he is running from.
Director: Theodore Anyanji
Executive Producer: Kingsley Okereke
Watch full movie Message To Mary HERE
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Posted on February 19, 2013

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1 Comment

  1. shedrack
    3 years ago

    I am just watching it now but I will say it is a good
    play but frank should poetry the bad boy in full at
    some point I be leave he is to change but it all
    change when I saw him with his boys well queen is a
    dearlin she is ma kind of actress in short am in love
    with her her mother is good wth tears the pic was
    good with good colour for me I will say the movie is a
    world class


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