Thursday, 5 September 2013

Alex Ekubo moves in with his girlfriend in ALL THAT GLITTERS – Powered By iROKOtv PLUS

He is smart and hardworking with plans of securing a good paying job soon to keep his family running like before. Endless searches to secure employment is taking a toll on him but his dutiful wife urges him never to give up. Luck soon shines on his part and he picks up a good paying job. It turns out to be much more than he anticipated.

This is too good to be true

All That Glitters (2013)
Going home after work turns to a nightmare as his wife now appears below his standards. Why can’t his wife be like the ladies in his office? Her hair do, sense of dressing and the local meals she prepares begins to irritate him. He soon looks for an escape route. Will this be to his favour? Find out in All That Glitters from the stables of Royal Arts Academy.

Joy abounds for an unemployed father and husband when he lands an upmarket corporate job, however his new environment negatively affects his attitude towards his loving wife.

Director: Tomrobson

Executive Producer: Grace Johnson & Emem Isong.

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