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Junior Pope Odonwodo Week on iROKOtv

Junior Pope Odonwodo is an Accounting graduate of University of Nigeria Nsukka. This dashing dude who hails from Ukehe in Enugu State joined Nollywood in 2008 and revealed that his best kiss on set was with Ini Edo in the movie Mad Sex. Here are some of his remarkable movies on iROKOtv
The nerve wracked parents of four out of control, disrespectful siblings reach the end of their tether and vow not to accept their children’s behaviour anymore. It takes a concerned pastor to direct them to where the root of the problem lies. Ini EdoUche JomboJnr Pope Odonwodo (2010)
A menacing vagrant who has made the bush her home is seduced by an armed robber who is hiding out there. Wholly impressed with her bravado he initiates her into his gang, unaware that her bloodthirsty ways will exceed all their expectations. Olu JacobsIni EdoJrn Pope Odonwodo (2009)
An unemployed graduate, after much disappointment in his job search gets involved in fraudulent activity and hits the big time. He returns to the village to bring his excited siblings to join him but little do they know the grave danger that they face. Frank ArtusJnr Pope OdonwodoBobby Ogoloma (2011)
The battle for a government post becomes increasingly gruesome with even more at stake when the discovery is made that one contender’s son is dating another’s daughter, with both ignoring their parent’s advice to stay away from each other. Chioma ChukwukaMike EzuruonyeJnr pope Odonwodo (2011)
The prince joyfully becomes the king of the land with lots of promises but sins committed in the past are drawbacks he is finding too difficult to handle. Jnr Pope OdonwodoColumbus IrosangaPete Eneh (2011)
Dark romantic comedy centred on a couple who, in the defining moments of their lives decide to do the right thing and live with the dire consequences. Sam Loco EfeJnr Pope OdonwodoEsther Okereke (2010)
When a depressed man commits suicide his family is ostracized in the community as suicide is deemed an abominable act. It takes a cleansing ritual for them to be accepted again but someone is hell bent on ruining the family’s joy. Chiwetalu AguQueen Nwokoye,  Jnr Pope Odonwodo (2011)
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