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In Memory: Enebeli Elebuwa’s 2012 Movie “Save Our Soul” Now FREE on iROKOtv

in Peace Enebeli Elebuwa

was a great man, a great actor, a great speaker, a father and a mentor, acting
was his passion, and even in sickness and in health, he continued to practice
his chosen profession…

people will be saddened by the death of this veteran actor, and in memory of
his death, iROKOtv, the world’s largest distributor of
Nollywood entertainment is making “Save Our Souls” featuring Enebeli Elebuwa,
Kenneth Okonkwo,Oby Edozie and Segun Arinze, FREE.
The movie tells the story of f
our Nigerians from
different walks of life, each of them has been recently diagnosed with advanced
cancer and each copes with their diagnosis in a different way, from relying on
religion, to turning to alcohol.
memory lives on in our hearts, and in the hearts of Nollywood fans who have had
so much to say about him on our Facebook page.
in death, he lives us with a message in this movie;
“Your Health is Important,
always go for regular checkups“
has featured in more than 100 movies, many of them on iROKOtv,
some include;
RIP Legend!
Watch the trailer here
Watch the full movie HERE
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