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Award-Winning Emotional Movie “Save Our Souls” Premieres on iROKOtv and it is Mercy Johnson Week

Four people, One Disease, One Inevitable End…
The path to redemption varies for every man, to some it’s religion, to
others it’s alcohol, but the one unifying factor is the need to fight what fate
has brought their way.Who wins? Fate or Man?
(Save Our Souls, 2012)
iROKOtv is proud to present this award-winning
movie produced by Oby Edozieh and shot in a number of different locations,
including India and London and featuring stars like Segun Arinze and Keneth
Okonkwo. It is a movie that will definitely leave everyone with something to
think about. 
Four Nigerians from different walks of life have each been recently
diagnosed with advanced cancer. Each copes with their diagnosis in a different
way, from relying on religion, to turning to alcohol. The devastating news not
only deeply affects them, but also those closest to them. Kenneth Okonkwo, Oby
Edozie, Segun Arinze (2012)

Full Cast: 
Oby Edozieh, Segun Arinze, Enebeli Elebuwa, Chioma Chukwuk Akpotha,
David Mc Kenzie

Watch Full Movie Here: Save Our Souls

This week on iROKOtv, we are also celebrating award winning
multi-talented Nollywood Actress, Mercy Johnson Okojie, who is currently
expecting her first child. She has starred on several movies on iROKOtv,
with the most recent one being Bleeding Crown,2012.
There are also several other new movies like Crippled, 2012, Kolomental, all
for your viewing pleasure
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Posted on January 2, 2013

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