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15 Not-So-Popular Nollywood Movies You Need To See!

We have compiled a list of 15 Nollywood movies that are underrated and deserve some more acclaim from critics. Some are quite funny(e.g Native Fowl), while some would take you on an emotional roller-coaster ride!

Native Fowl

1. Native Fowl
2. Love Regardless
3. Sister Of Virtue

Sister of Virtue
4. Brother’s War
5. Nneka My Daughter 2
6. Pot Of Life

Pot of Life
7. Sorrowful Child
8. Little Calabash
9. A Place Called Happy

A place called happy
10. Spirit Of Love
11. Darkness Of Sorrow
12. The Hunters

The Hunters
13. Her Excellency
14. Angelina
15. Everything We Touch


To see all of these movies and more, click HERE


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