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10 Audition Tips For Every Aspiring Movie Star

Want to be a movie star? Want to know how to get picked at your next audition? Here are 10 things you should know:
1. Be punctual: Never arrive late for your audition. If you have been scheduled for a particular time, make sure you show up ready at that time.

2. Be memorable: Stand out. Really. There are a lot of talented people vying for the same spot as you, so you need that extra sauce to make a lasting impression on the judges.


3. Be focused: Do not let your mind wander at your audition, or get engrossed with your phone. Focus on your script and your performance.

4. Be prepared: Practise, practise, practise before going for any audition. Get into character and work on feeling comfortable playing that role.

5. Make a good first impression: Your first 10 seconds matters a lot. Make sure you go in composed, with a friendly face.

6. Looking good is good business: Dress great. Let the first thing the judges see give them some positive vibes.

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7. Give it your best shot: Do your very best while auditioning. Do not let the sight of super stars who have also come in for the audition discourage you.

8. Be confident: We all get nervous sometimes, and even the pros experience stage fright too. So, take a deep breath, calm your nerves and be confident about your performance.

9. Go with your picture and resume: Except you are internationally acclaimed, always go with your resume and a photograph of yourself. You might be asked for this.

10. Have a good time: Enjoy the experience. Even if you don’t get the spot, you will have many other opportunities in the future!


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  • okolo susan awele

    August 10, 08 2015 10:00:10

    Hello there, do you guys conduct auditions fpor upcoming actors, do you post auditions on Facebook at all??
    Your urgent reply will be appreciated.

    • iROKOtv Support

      August 13, 08 2015 10:05:56

      Hello Awele, trust you’re doing great.

      We actually buy and upload most of the movies on our site. However, you can like our facebook page (iROKOtv) to find updates in case we have any auditions coming up. You can also like (ROK Studios) on Facebook.

      Kind Regards,
      iROKOtv Support.

  • oliamatu sesay

    August 11, 08 2015 12:40:16

    I will love to be come a actres i like eventing about acting as well i just hope I will be able to auditions

  • Linda Akunna Uju

    August 12, 08 2015 05:14:50

    Truly, I believe the whole point of acting/performing is to enjoy it, be committed, be passionate and be truthful. Thruthfully physical, emotional and facially. This is how I feel and I would be glad to have the opportunity to show this, thanks

  • Xugo

    March 24, 03 2016 10:48:33

    Please when is the next show coming up.. Big-ups Iroko tv

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